Maxie L. Parks Community Center in Fresno, CA – A Beacon of Hope

The city of Fresno, California, is home to many people who are struggling to make ends meet. For those needing assistance, the Maxie L. Parks Community Center has been a beacon of hope since its conception in 1992. The center offers a variety of resources to the community, ranging from food services and job placement to recreational activities and cultural enrichment. The Maxie L. Parks Community Center has become an integral part of Fresno and its surrounding areas through its multifaceted approach to providing for the community. Find more information here.

The late Maxie L. Parks, a beloved figure in the Fresno community, founded the Maxie L. Parks Community Center. Parks’ lifelong passion for giving back to others set the tone for the community center’s mission. At the Maxie L. Parks Community Center, visitors can access a variety of important resources and services that can improve their lives and the lives of their families. The Maxie L. Parks Community Center provides services and programs ranging from food security to career counseling. The center provides hot meals in the food pantry and access to healthy, affordable foods through its nutrition education program. The center also hosts job fairs and workshops to assist individuals in finding employment, in addition to offering workshops to help participants hone their job-seeking skills. Other services and programs include youth enrichment after-school sessions, recreational activities, financial literacy workshops, and cultural educational opportunities. Click here to read about African American Museum in Fresno, CA.